Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

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Healthier Living

The Speedheat radiant heat is surprisingly pleasant. With conventional ‘convection’ heating such as that from radiators, the heaters warm the air in the room and not the people.

This creates a circulation of warm air rising and cold air going down to the floor, moving dust about in its wake. The cold air sinking to the floor causes cold feet, tempting you to increase the heat setting, drying out the air even more and increasing energy consumption.

(Check the top of your radiators and the top of your walls and see the dirt and dust that gets swirled around by the ‘convection’ from radiators - people are inhaling this! No wonder respiratory and dry skin problems are on the increase.)

The heat from Speedheat is a radiant heat, rising from the floor and which does not heat the air but warms all solid objects in the room – including you.